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The Company manufactures Automobile Components & Castings like Suspension items, Rear Hubs, Guide Plates, Engine Components like Valve Guide and Engineering Components like Grate Bars, Sintering Plant Spare for clients like Tata Motors Ltd. for its Jamshedpur, Pune & Lucknow (India) Plants, Metaldyne Industries Ltd. , International Auto Ltd. , Tata Steel Ltd, Electro Steel Casting Ltd.

The castings are made from SG Iron (Ductile Iron) & Grey Iron in the size range of 2kg to 100kg.

The Castings are produced as per International specifications with good surface finish & these meet all mechanical & metallurgical specifications.

The product range includes the following:

Automobile components & castings:
a) Rear hubs,
b) Suspension items,
c) Valve guides,
d) Guide plates,
e) Support plates,
f) Mounting cups,
g) Spacer rings,etc.

Engineering components:
a) Glands,
b) Rings,
c) Grate bars,
d) Sintering plant spares,
e) Hammers,
f) Bracket, etc.

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